What will Wagtail look like in 2023?

We’ve been working a bit on our vision for Wagtail over the next two years. It’s still a work in progress, but we feel it’s a good time to share it and get feedback from the broader Wagtail community.

Why do we need a vision?

When the team is excited about the product vision and everyone is committed to it, you can do so much more. Even if you don’t fully realize the vision, you’ll be closer than without it.

A shared vision will make our product development more purposeful and strategic. We will accomplish more in areas that matter and focus less on areas that don’t, and it will help us plan for dependencies in the work we need to do now to achieve our larger goals.

What are the time scales?

We are working on a two-year time frame, focusing on what we think will be achievable by 2023. So there’s nothing unusual here, no integrations with VR headsets, but just enough to scare and inspire at the same time; scare by the scale of the work, but inspire by the goal.

Can we see it? 

Yes, you can. The vision for a product can be presented in many different ways, such as videos or playbooks, we opted for a comic book. This format allows us to tell powerful stories that speak to people without being too detailed. We divided the vision into five key areas or pillars.

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