VirtualBox 6.0.0 released

With a new user interface, support for exporting virtual machines to the Oracle cloud, better file management between host and guest, and more!


VirtualBox is well known to be an alternative solution that loses little to vmWare Workstation when it comes to virtual machine emulation – disregarding 3D acceleration support!

And the new version 6.0.0 brought a truckload of new features, starting with the new and redesigned user interface!

In addition, we have:

  • Implemented support for exporting a virtual machine to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.
  • User interface: Improved HiDPI support and scaling, including better detection and configuration per machine.
  • More user interface rework with simpler and more powerful applications and virtual machine configuration.
  • User Interface: A new file manager that allows the user to control the guest file system and to copy files between the host and the guest.
  • Graphics: major upgrade to 3D graphics support for Windows guests and VMSVGA 3D graphics device emulation on Linux and Solaris guests.
  • Added support for surround speaker settings (as used by Windows 10 Build 1809)
  • Added vboximg-mount utility on Apple hosts to access the contents of guest disks on the host.
  • Added support for using Hyper-V as a fallback execution core on the Windows host, to avoid the inability to run VMs at the price of reduced performance.
  • Early support of Linux kernel 4.20

Meanwhile, we also have a total of 25 fixes and optimizations that were pending since version 5.2.2.


VirtualBox 6.0.0 can be downloaded from its official website, by clicking here!

Don’t forget to install the Guest Additions for version 6.0.0, so you will have support for USB port access, among other features; Just click here! (For all systems)


To the ubunteers, please be advised that VirtualBox may present installation problems if you have not installed the build-essential and libelf-dev packages.

Check the presence of both with:

$ sudo apt install build-essential libelf-dev

Then you can install the new VirtualBox package without any problems!

More information on the official VirtualBox website, here!


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