This is what the Microsoft Surface Duo 2 will look like

Are you waiting for the new incarnation of one of the most unusual smartphones on the market? To the network leaked the first images of Microsoft Surface Duo 2.

I make no secret that the Microsoft Surface Duo is one of those smartphone models, which I cheered very strongly. No, not because it somehow fits my tastes, but was a solid breath of fresh air in a market dominated by Chinese smartphones, which are increasingly blending into one mass. It’s becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish between successive models of Vivo, Xiaomi, Oppo, OnePlus, realme (and company) – all offer roughly the same thing. Similar overlays, similar screens, the same components. The Surface Duo was a unique project. Microsoft returned to the smartphone world with a new design – this time without a proprietary system, but with Android. The smartphone itself was also different from the competition.

Microsoft Surface Duo 2. This is what the second generation of folding smartphone giant from Redmond will look like

Microsoft has already accustomed us to the fact that many things do their own way, but their new phone model seemed to be a real madness. And leaving aside the fact that it is not officially distributed in Poland, the device actually seems to be at best a curiosity. Reviewers were unanimous in the fact that it is not refined equipment, the world will not change – well, not what they were waiting for:

Overall, Surface Duo as a whole looks good and has great potential, but as it happens with Microsoft, you have to botch something. Let’s start with the mentioned productivity. Everything is based on the fact that the device works multithreaded, and as we know Android is not a master of such operations. This forced the giant from Redmond to write it his way. The result?

Demand for RAM, which makes it a misunderstanding to pack ONLY 6GB of RAM. In theory, this is easy enough to pull Android, but all reviews clearly show that from the perspective of multi-threading is simply not enough. Animations can crash, screens do not always rotate, sometimes you can see how everything just stops for a second or two.

Secondly, individual operations use similar gestures. Most often these are bottom-up movements. The problem is that they are not dependent on the context the user is in. This takes some practice, but from my perspective, it is very annoying.

There was a lot of complaining, for a variety of reasons. But this was groundbreaking hardware in its own way, and these – as all previous lineups have shown – need more refinement. The latest leaked photos of the Microsoft Surface Duo 2 show that the new incarnation of the smartphone has some changes. This can be seen at first glance – the camera layout will change. This time the unusual Microsoft smartphone will get them as many as three:

In addition to three cameras, Microsoft this time is also expected to take to the aid of machine learning and artificial intelligence, which will provide high-quality photos. In addition, it is already known that the new Surface is to be powered by Snapdragon 888, there will also be 5G connectivity and an NFC module. 21st Century. The release date of the new Surface Duo is not yet known.


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