The State opens 50 IT positions for missions of general interest

Each year, the Entrepreneur of General Interest (EIG) program allows developers, data scientists and desginers to work for 10 months on public policy missions and receive up to 4,000 euros net per month. For this 6th promotion, the State is committed to promoting diversity.

The 6th call for applications for the Entrepreneur of General Interest (EIG) program initiated by the French government to recruit computer scientists from outside the country is open. Like last year, 50 positions are available to take on projects related to the use of data in the public sector and the digital transformation of the State. Applicants have until April 3 to join this program and obtain a 10-month fixed-term contract in an administration. The main candidates are developers, data scientists, designers, and digital lawyers. And beyond that, people who want to pass on a digital culture to the administration, get involved in open data and open source, participate in the sharing and reuse of products and data, says the Ministry of Transformation and Public Service, in a statement. 

For this sixth promotion, the EIG program takes into account the experience of applicants. This year, the focus will also be on inclusion and diversity. As such, special attention will be paid to profiles from various educational and professional backgrounds. Thus, self-taught people or people who have changed careers are invited to apply. The pre-selected participants will choose, in order of importance, the challenges they wish to take up during 10 months. After an interview, those selected will join their respective host administrations in September 2022, in multidisciplinary teams of two or three. Working in close collaboration with public servants from these administrations, they will benefit from support sessions organized by the Etalab EIG team throughout the year.

Two webinars to learn about job titles

On the menu: workshops, learning sessions and individual coaching. Successful applicants will be offered fixed-term contracts paying €3,500 or €4,000 net per month depending on experience. To learn more about the careers offered by the Entrepreneur of General Interest (EIG) program, people are invited to participate in two webinars. March 17 will be dedicated to code and data careers while March 24 will focus on digital design and law. Note that since their launch in 2016, the EIGs have been involved in the Ministries of Justice, Culture and the Interior, as well as the High Authority on Health, the Museum of Natural History, and the General Commission for Sustainable Development- Through this campaign, 172 IT profiles have been recruited on fixed-term contracts, and more than 60% have decided to stay in the public sector after their experience


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