Surfer Seo Experience and Test 2022 – Is Surferseo with its Five SEO Tools in One the Best Tool for SEO Onpage Optimization?

Even with a small budget, as long as you “push the right buttons”, you can get real results in the form of better rankings with Onpage Optimization.

You won’t end up at #1 in the SERPs overnight, but you can still rise in the search engine results with fewer backlinks than your competitors.

There are two ways you can do OnPage optimization:

One, you can do it yourself and create great content for your site from scratch, or you can use SEO tools that take some of the work out of SEO Onpage Optimization, speeding up the process.

In this article, based on my Surfer SEO experience, I’ll introduce you to what I personally think is an outstanding SEO tool quite specifically for onpage optimization of existing posts or even as part of creating new ones. Actually, it is even 5 SEO tools in one 🙂

Because Surfer SEO has fully specialized in OnPage analysis and Onpage optimization with its SEO tools. Therefore, it helps, as I find, immensely to create your own content exactly as it is required so that it reaches a top Google ranking.

Also, in this surferseo SEO experience report you will get many helpful tips and step by step instructions on how to use the surferseo SEO tools in practice to create “better” content, fill content gaps and achieve better search results for your chosen keywords.

Enjoy my surferseo SEO experience 2022.

Oh yeah, in January 2022, I became a Surfer SEO Certified Expert.

I’ve completed the SurferSEO bootcamp, attended trainings, passed the certification exam, and written various articles that I optimized with SurferSEO and got into great rankings.

What exactly does the onpage optimization tool Surfer SEO do?

Before we start, however, I want to show you a screenshot of how well the onpage optimization with SurferSEO worked out.

After I did it, this page suddenly rose from position 13 to position 8 for a contested keyword with an average of 3,000 search queries per month, without me having set a backlink:

And also with this page I could see by the onpage optimization on the basis of the suggestions of Surferseo directly a ranking gain from position 13 into the top 10 on position 6. Here we have about 500 searches per month.

I will post more updates here in the next days and weeks, which show how effective the onpage optimization with Surfer SEO can be.

What is Surfer SEO and which SEO tools does it include?

Surfer is, as described in the beginning, a cloud-based SEO onpage optimization tool, which analyzes in the context of an SEO audit or SEO check, why the pages for your keyword have a good Google ranking, or even not 😉

Based on this SEO check and the information generated from it, you can figure out what you need to do on your pages (onpage optimization) to create or update content that will help you outrank your competitors.

Instead of trying to guess what Google likes to rank, this SEO Checker thus provides you with a data-driven SEO onpage analysis that shows you exactly what’s missing on your page or what may be too much, based on specific onpage optimization suggestions.

In summary, Surfer SEO is a data-driven SEO tool for onpage analysis and especially for OnPage optimization.

And in my eyes even an outstanding SEO tool.

Surfer SEO helps in two ways:

  • Creation or outsourcing of new, data-driven on page SEO optimized content.
  • data-driven on page SEO optimization of existing websites

It should be noted that Surfer SEO tool is originally from Poland and the dashboard etc. is in English. Nevertheless, the SEO tools work without restrictions also for “German-speaking” onpage optimization.

Because the databases of Surfer SEO work with different languages and countries, especially also Germany and with “German” keywords etc.

What functions and SEO tools does Surfer SEO have?

Surfer SEO is a tool that actually contains 4 SEO tools in one.Among them

  • SERP Analyzer
  • Content Editor
  • Keyword Research Tool
  • Content Planner
  • SEO Audit

After you have logged in to Surfer SEO, the clearly arranged dashboard is displayed, where the individual applications are listed with their last actions and a direct access.

Very handy to have a clear starting point in SurferSEO.

Surfer SEO SERP Analyzer – The SEO Checker

The SERP Analyzer of Surfer SEO allows you a SEO onpage analysis or an SEO audit, in which it analyzes your website based on 500 ranking factors and compares them with the top 10 ranking websites.

Among them for example

  • Text length
  • Number of headlines
  • Number of images
  • Page speed
  • Keyword density
  • Partial keyword density
  • Referring URLs
  • Referring domains
  • Meta tags structure

The SERP Analyzer then uses an SEO Audit to generate an easy-to-follow guide for onpage optimization of your own content, based on what’s working in the real world right now.

So specifically, based on what is missing from your pages, what your competitors may have, and most importantly what you need to optimize as well as what exact keywords need to be added or removed to rank high in the search engine results pages.

Surfer SEO makes it incredibly easy to compare your site to the competition and then optimize the specific ranking factors that affect the rankings for your keywords.

This data-driven SEO analysis based on correlations basically eliminates the guesswork of which onpage ranking factors are responsible for a website ranking high in the SERPs for a specific keyword.

Surfer SEO Content Editor

The Surfer Content Editor is suitable for creating new content. Based on an analysis of one or more keywords that your content targets, it generates an easy to follow guideline that you only need to implement.

For example, it shows the required content and page structure, which keywords and phrases should be used in which frequency, how many headlines and images should be used, etc. As an orientation, you get live feedback while you are creating the content based on a content score as well as on an exact feedback how often you have already used a certain keyword, for example.

The practical thing is that you can also share the content editor. For example, with an employee or a copywriter to whom you outsource the text creation. And the best part is that this can be done via a link. This means that the person to whom you send the link can work with the content editor, and thus write the text onpage optimized, without having an account with Surfer SEO.

Keyword Research Tool

The Keyword Research Tool of Surfer SEO is a simple keyword tool for keyword research, which primarily shows the search frequency of a keyword to be researched.

Especially in comparison with other keyword tools, such as the KWFinder from Mangools, the significance is somewhat low, because you only get the search volume displayed.

However, I personally find the function of “serp similarity”, i.e. the similarity of other keywords with the initial keyword very helpful. Because this makes it possible to include exactly those keywords in your own post that have a high similarity with the source keyword.

This makes it easier to rank for several similar keywords. Especially if you include these keywords together in the Content Editor or the SERP Analyzer. Because then the onapge analysis, the SEO audit and the SEO check is not only based on one keyword but on several.

Also very useful and useful are the keywords that are displayed via the menu item Questions.

Surfer suggests common questions that people type in Google and that are related to your keywords.

You can include these in your content to help your visitors and increase your chances of showing up in the ” people also ask” boxes.

Several of these can also be transferred into the content editor.

Content Planner

The Surferseo Content Planner, which is currently still in beta phase, provides you based on a special keyword so-called topics cluster with corresponding keywords and thus the ideas about what you should write in a topic area.

If you then click on one of the clusters, another window opens with the most important keywords matching the respective cluster and the corresponding search volumes.

You can then also transfer all keywords into the content editor with a single click to directly start creating onpage optimized content based on several underlying keywords in a topic cluster.

If you work through all clusters in this way, you will cover the topic very well overall.

So if you use the Surfer SEO Content Planner you won’t run out of ideas for new content so quickly and besides, you’ve already done half the job of keyword research.

Personally, I’m pretty excited about this opportunity to get new ideas for posts.

Surfer SEO Audit Tool

Recently, the SEO Audit Tool, which is usually included in the SERP Analyzer, has joined the family of the most important surfer tools, which you can access directly from the navigation menu.

So you don’t have to create a query in SERP Analyzer to get there.

Audit got a nice UI lift, so your reports look nicer and are more pleasant to work with.

You also get a competitor selector, which you already know from the Content Editor, where you can choose which competitors are included in the SEO audit.

I personally find this further addition and simplification of Surfer SEO really great. The SEO Audit tool is very good for a quick content analysis of existing pages.

However, the possibility to make more settings on the audit is (still) missing and also the content score is missing as an important indicator. For in-depth SEO analyses, I will continue to take the path to the SEO audit via the SERP Analyzer.

How to optimize existing content with Surfer SEO (SERP Analyzer or Audit)

Surfer SEO allows you to optimize your existing content with its SERP Analyzer tool based on an onpage analysis or SEO check.

Through this SEO check or onpage analysis you can see exactly what is working NOW for YOUR keyword in the search results.

This SEO onpage tool analyzes your URL by comparing it with the other TOP search results and will suggest what you should improve on your page.

The Onpage Analysis or the SEO Check

To start the Onpage Analysis or SEO Check, enter the keyword for which you want to get insights or correlations between the position in the SERP and this keyword in the input field.

Also, select whether you want to search for mobile or desktop results, and if your account has it, whether you want to get NLP results or not.

Once you press Enter, you will see a graph:

The graph shown is the correlation between the SERP position of the page on the x-axis and the ranking factor. Here, the number of words is automatically selected by default.

In the graph above for the keyword “get Instagram followers” you can then see that posts on Google page 1 have an average of 3,500 words, while on page 2 it is only about 2900 words and on page 3 only about 1750 words.

On the left side you will also find a list of different ranking factors that you can select, and which are then also shown in the graphic.

These include:

  • Number of referring domains
  • Number of words in the body
  • Exact keyword density in the body
  • Partial keyword density in the body
  • Number of characters in the title
  • Exact keywords in the alt descriptions
  • Number of paragraphs
  • Loading times of the page
  • Structured data
  • Number of images

So you can visualize in the graphic exactly what you want and thus have a great information base.

Below the graphic you will find the corresponding search results from the Google SERPs.

Does all this sound like information overload?

Don’t worry, because Surfer SEO makes it easy for you to create an SEO Audit report that tells you exactly what you need to do to rank better.

Just paste your URL here and click “compare”.

And now the SEO check will take place and your website will be analyzed for this keyword compared to the TOP 10 ranking websites.

If you now click on audit, your concrete action guide will open, showing you in detail what you need to adjust in terms of pure onpage optimization, as can be seen in the following example:

In addition, you can always view more details, which will give you a more detailed view of the results, as you can see in this example for the word count. Apparently my post is in the appropriate range for said keyword and I don’t need to do anything else.

True Density

True Density is a metric you can use to evaluate the gaps in your content.

It’s a great way to see if you’re using certain words too often or too rarely.

According to Surfer SEO, it’s easiest to rely on True Density to optimize existing content.

SEO Check True Density

So if you want to do an SEO OnPage optimization, you can check how many additional keywords you need to add and how many you might need to remove.

  • Anything with the green “All Good” sign means you don’t need to take any action.
  • The yellow warning sign means that there is a small deviation that should be corrected.
  • Red means a large deviation from the suggested range

You can also prioritize this list by clicking on Relevance.

You can see that overall it’s super easy to optimize your existing content for better ranking with Surfer SEO.

Mainly because they give you clear guidance on what to do and what not to do!

Lack of common backlinks

After you’ve optimized your content, you should re-index it through Google Search Console and then wait to see how it responds.

If you want to give the plans an extra boost, you can create a link building plan based on your competitors’ common backlinks. Through Surfer’s SEO Checker, you’ll get a prioritized list of websites to build backlinks from based on how many of them link to your competitors’ pages.

How to create new content with Surfer SEO (Content Editor)

If you want to create an optimized blog post with Surfer SEO from scratch, you can use their Content Editor.

The Content Editor gives you a clear guideline for content creation.

You can also easily send these guidelines to a copywriter or copywriter to make sure the blog content is in line with on-page SEO recommendations:

  • Keyword usage
  • Length
  • Number of structural elements

It really takes the hard work out of creating SEO-friendly content.

Start by clicking on the content editor.

Enter your keyword(s) by pressing shift + enter after each keyword and select your location.

Then click on ‘Create’.

Surfer SEO will analyze your top 10 competitors and their content.

Once the analysis is complete, you should see this:

On the right side you get a clear guideline regarding:

  • Content structure
  • Words
  • Headings
  • Paragraphs
  • Bold words
  • Images
  • Important terms to use
  • Other relevant terms
  • Questions you should include

And on the left side you can start writing right away in the text field. As soon as you add one of the recommended words, it will be made visible directly and live on the right side, by moving the counter up by 1. If you reach the recommended range, the word or phrase will turn green.

If you want to make some adjustments to the recommendations, click on the cogwheel on the top left to change the competitors to analyze, adjust the content structure, for example in the word count, edit the keywords to use, include questions, etc.

Customize the length of the content

The suggested word count is the average length of the text on the analyzed pages.

Try to create your content with a similar length.

The length of the text has a direct impact on the density of the individual phrases you use in the text

Check keywords

The keywords that Surfer SEO suggests are semantically related to the main keyword, based on what is currently ranking.

So, it’s crucial that you use these keywords in your content.

If there are a few keywords that don’t match your expectations you can click on them, which will remove them from the list.

Choose the questions you want to include

I’m sure you know that positioning is not just about keywords and their density. Good SEO is about providing value to the reader. This is where you can choose relevant questions to include in your text.

This also helps increase your chances of showing up in the Featured Snippet or in the “People Also Ask” boxes.

Add notes

Finally, if you want to add additional information about the content, you can do so in the notes.

When you’re done, click ‘Final Customization’.

If you’re working with external content creators, you can simply share the link so they can create content based on the guidelines!

Your content editor or copywriter, doesn’t need their own Surfer SEO account either, just share the private link with them and they can get started right away.

Google Docs

For all of you who use Google Docs, it will be interesting to hear that Surfer SEO released a Google Chrome Extension ha, with which you can integrate Surfer’s Content Editor into Google Docs.

This makes optimizing content super easy and very convenient.

The settings described above are described again in detail. In addition, a few important tips are given, which address in particular the correct selection of the competition, which are elemenatre prerequisite for a very good SEO Onpage optimization with SurferSEO.

For whom are the SEO tools of Surfer SEO suitable?

In my opinion, Surfer SEO is suitable for everyone who is looking for a comprehensive onpage SEO tool that helps in a great way with onpage search engine optimization to get better Google rankings.

And who doesn’t want to get better search engine results?

Also, Surfer SEO is aimed at all those who realize that the results of their SEO plugin, such as Yoast, only give general recommendations, which, however, is not applicable to the specific keyword and the actual search results. You can only get the right tips and recommendations for action if you look at and analyze it specifically in each case. And that’s exactly what Surfer SEO does and thus enormously increases the probability of success.

Surfer SEO prices

The Surfer SEO prices start at 49,-$ per month. The main differences between the different Surfer SEO packages are the number of queries you can run for the Content Editor, Audit and SERP Analyzer. The queries are renewed daily for SERP Analyzer and monthly for Content Editor and Audit.

If you pay annually, you will get 17% discount on Surfer SEO prices.

If you want to have a look at Surfer SEO in detail, you can test Surfer SEO for 7 days without any obligation.

Because Surferseo has a 7 day money back guarantee!

Keyword Surfer Chrome Extension

Keyword Surfer* is a 100% free Chrome extension. If you have downloaded and installed it, it will work right away.

Here you can read my detailed article about Keyword Surfer.

Keyword Surfer * performs, when you enter a search term in the Google search bar, then a free SEO check of the Google search results page. So you get directly in the browser the monthly search volume, other similar keyword suggestions, visibility metrics and related searches for each search query.

And this directly in the Google search results, without you having to log in to any application. In addition, with Keyword Surfer *, YOU get additional metrics for each individual search result.

On this basis you can find the best keywords, determine their difficulty and plan your content for your pages.

For each new search you perform in Google, you get invaluable data for your content and SEO strategy:

  • Search volume for your main keyword
  • Similar keywords with their volume and similarity value
  • Estimated traffic for a domain from each top ranking page
  • Related search queries with their volumes
  • Word count for the top ranking pages
  • Number of exact keywords used on the top pages
  • Cost per click (CPC) for your main keyword

A really great thing and a really great SEO tool for onpage optimization with an outstanding user experience.

This is really great in my opinion.

Because with the free Keyword Surfer you now also get important data for on page optimization like word count and relevant phrases that you can use (but without their exact density), displayed directly in the SERP without leaving the search results page.

A great option if you want to test one of the most important features of SurferSEO for free.

Meanwhile, Keyword Surfer* is my Chrome extension of choice. Moreover, the best thing about it is that it performs a free SEO check of Google SERPs and you get valuable information right there in the search results.

Here you can download the Keyword Surfer for free*.

Surfer SEO Experience: Jasper AI + Surfer SEO Integration- Write blog posts that rank on Google.

In April 2021, announced an integration partnership with Surfer SEO. Jasper is currently the best AI copywriting tool on the market in my eyes. It helps you write texts, normal texts but also blog articles with the help of an AI website.

So now we have Jasper AI, the best AI copywriting tool on the market, combined with Surfer SEO, the best on-page SEO tool in my opinion, a really powerful combo!

By the way, you can read about how Jasper works exactly in my detailed Jasper experience.

Together, these two tools can be used to write lightning-fast blog posts that will also rank quickly on Google.

Do I need to purchase Jasper in addition to Surfer SEO?

Yes, in order to use the Jasper AI copywriting tool with Surfer SEO, you must also purchase a subscription to JAsper. The Jasper integration is an optional add-on.

I’m in the process of writing a detailed tutorial showing you exactly how to use JasperAI and Surfer SEO together to write SEO-optimized blog posts that rank high on Google.

I’ll link to the tutorial here once I’m done.

Conclusion – Surferseo Experience and Test 2022

Surfer SEO is ideal for anyone looking for a data-driven analytics tool for OnPage optimization with a user-friendly interface and an affordable price starting at just $29 per month.

I love it because it helps me with my daily SEO tasks in a way that no other tool in this price range does.

It has quickly become a central tool in my onpage optimization process that has allowed me to achieve immediate corresponding results.

That’s why Surfer SEO is an absolute recommendation.

And I hope my previous Surfer SEO experiences in this Surfer SEO Review could give you a little insight.

My SurferSEO experiences 2022 have convinced you? Then click here or on the following button to test Surfer SEO for 7 days without any obligation.

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