Raccoon: APK Downloader for Linux, macOS and Windows!

Raccoon’s goal is to download Android apps directly to your PC from the official Google store, without necessarily sending your personal data to the company; it also eliminates region restrictions!


Some people prefer to keep their data private without sharing it with the actual technology companies. In between we have Google, the main company in the mobile segment that collects your data to allow you to download applications from the PlayStore. With Raccoon, you can do this directly from your PC with your Linux, macOS or Windows system, in a simple and secure way.

Among the biggest advantages is that it saves your phone’s battery and storage, while it does not send data to Google and eliminates any location restriction that may exist, so you can download everything good for free from the store!

Raccoon has been under heavy development with at least one update every month since its launch in September 2015 and each update brings major fixes on board. In addition, you can easily submit a ticket to report any issues or give constructive feedback.


  • Raccoon is free to use.
  • Raccoon is 100% open source.
  • Available on Linux, Windows, and MacOS platforms.
  • Comprehensive online manual.
  • It respects privacy.
  • Separate APK application installer.
  • Ignore region restrictions.
  • Revert to updates for previous application versions!


The program allows you to download any normal app, but you can’t pirate it, so paid apps remain paid. Games and other free apps will be available as usual.


Raccoon is developed in Java and requires no installation; but it does require a current Java Runtime Environment to run it.

$ java -jar raccoon-4.8.0.jar

You can use either the OpenJDK Java or the proprietary one, both of which run the application.


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