Microsoft warns of new Windows 11 updates

If you’re testing Windows 11 then you need to make sure which version you’re using because Microsoft is announcing test releases that have more bugs.

For several weeks Microsoft has been allowing you to check the pre-release version of Windows 11. As in previous years, also this time we have the chance to install on virtual or real computers the initial release of the new windows, which may not work quite as expected and have all the announced new features. At the same time, however, this is a chance for Microsoft to gather feedback and verify its new ideas among a really large number of real users, who will give better information than any laboratory conditions.

Windows 11 will be officially seen in the fall of 2021

The plan is to release Windows 11 in October or a little later, but definitely before the end of the year. This means that before the company quite a lot of time to work out the shortcomings and introduce all the assumed novelties. Postponed debuts of new features in Windows 10 spoiled our mood many times, so we hope that this time Microsoft will show its different face and will be able to deliver on its intentions and promises. Eleven is not yet a complete system, probably in any respect, and we have a really difficult time ahead – if you belong to the group of testers, you need to be doubly vigilant.

A moment after the presentation of Windows 11, Microsoft enabled the new system in a developer version, which was associated with considerable risk, because it was the first compilation available to users. Quite quickly, however, it turned out that this is a stable and trouble-free enough release that Windows 11 became the first system for many people and it is so to this day. I’m one of those users and so far, to receive all the news first, I’ve remained in the developer (dev) circle. In the meantime, a beta version has also been made available, which contains fewer (potential) shortcomings, bugs, and deficiencies.

Windows 11 developer channel with update 22H2

Microsoft warns, however, that upcoming releases in the developer channel could cause problems. The company has previously announced that for Windows 11, we will receive annual major updates bringing new features and monthly updates where the company will focus on patches and security.

The system being tested by Insiders is Windows 11 21H2, which will hit users in a few(nay) weeks, so the first traces of next year’s version of eleven, the 22H2 release, will appear in the developer channel in a moment. It’s the one that Microsoft is starting to work on, so problems, bugs, troubles, and shortcomings will become more and more likely.

Even though Windows 11 looks completely different and brings a lot of changes, underneath it we are dealing largely with Windows 10. When Microsoft will be tinkering with the basics and foundations of the system, the situation with stability and reliability may change dramatically. Therefore, if you can not afford to let your computer refuse to serve you unexpectedly, it will be advisable to go to the beta channel, where the major novelties come much slower. To do this, go to Settings, click on the Windows Update tab, and then Windows Classified Testing Program. There, in the Classified Tester settings, change the Dev channel to Beta.


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