Manager or file manager for Android, Windows, and more

In this article, we’ll show you everything you need to know about this file manager from different operating systems What is it? how it works, types, and more. For more information about this interesting and very important management tool, keep reading.

What is a file manager?

Un file manager is a digital tool used to easily and efficiently manage the content stored on the various types of storage found on different operating systems (e.g. hard disk, RAM, memory card, etc.). In the following, we will show you the systems and managers they use:

  • IOS and Android systems.Windows: this system is bundled with File Explorer:
  • Linux: it offers us Konqueror, Nautilus and Dolphin options.
  • macOS: It has Finder.

The role of these tools is paramount in today’s computing world. The Finder is a very important tool in Windows Explorer. This is because they allow us to create, move, delete, copy and paste content stored on our PC, phone or tablet. This essential application for the optimal management of files, documents and images, which we find in a folder.

Some people prefer to use CDM. However, nowadays, users are constantly moving files and information, which would make it difficult to use this tool for managing daily activities, as it is not the most efficient for managing large amounts of information.

Key features of file manager

Currently, file managers have features that make them much more useful and important, playing a much more prominent role in different operating systems and thus improving the user experience. The main (current) features are:

  • They give us a preview of the content
  • Allow file sharing on the local network
  • Allow you to preview files
  • Provides us with the possibility to change file permissions
  • Provide the ability to print saved documents
  • Log in to FTP services
  • Access to portable storage devices (e.g. hardware).

Taking into account the main features that characterize a file manager Nowadays, the ideal must be found to adapt to the user’s needs and meet his requirements.

There are a significant number of people who need a much more sophisticated and efficient manager than the one provided by the operating system by default, so they are entering the market looking for the option that best complements their usage ideas.

What is the best file manager for Windows?

While the Windows file manager is one of the most efficient elements in this regard, many users prefer to look for options that best suit their needs. So we can find different options with features that make them very useful tools.


This is the program most used by users (after the default one provided by Microsoft), but despite the many updates it still maintains the same level of utility as Windows File Explorer. This tool has the following features:

  • It has tabs support, which allows the user to enjoy a pleasant experience as it provides specific information located in folders in a simple and efficient way.
  • It has search filters
  • Enables direct access or shortcuts to be available, which can be modified according to preferences.
  • Downloading this program is completely free.

What is the best file manager for Mac?

The file manager offered by these systems is the most innovative and efficient in the field. This is thanks to the way this tool works and its features, which are, in fact, very innovative.

However, there are some users who are not satisfied with the default product on their Mac devices and start looking for new options to help them perform really complex tasks in an optimal way. If you decide to look for alternative applications to accomplish this task, we will make your job easier by suggesting the best use case.

Forklift 3

With this application, you will undoubtedly be able to fully control and manage the files stored on your Mac system. This is mainly due to its many features that offer users a truly satisfying experience. Its main features include:

  • Allows to install remote drives similar to local ones
  • Synchronize directories using highly efficient combinatorial methods
  • Includes a module that allows you to change the name of multiple files at once.
  • It has an application uninstall tool that is very efficient.
  • It offers a so-called stack: this feature is the place to basically add new files, folders, information, documents, and disks, among others. This is so that they are always organized and accessible, very similar to the paths found in Windows.

It should be noted that users wishing to purchase this application in a single-user version will have to pay around thirty US dollars.

Other file managers for these operating systems

Once the tools most used by users looking for other alternatives have been highlighted, we can move on to the other options for file management programs. These also offer good performance and features that provide excellent functionality.

Windows file manager

For this operating system and its computers, we can rely on a file manager called Cubic Explorer, also known as Better Explorer. Both are excellent alternatives for users who want to try this type of alternative application. In the following, we will present the main features that each of them offers:

  1. CubicExplorer: in this interesting application, we find a wide range of features that make it a very useful tool, such as tab browsing support, file preview, search filter and it allows you to edit text thanks to an integrated editor, among other functional features that improve the task of how to manage files on your computer.
  2. BetterExplorer. It also has other features that make it an application demanded by users around the world that efficiently manages all stored content, such as folders, Quick Notes, music, documents, images, etc. It uses the same interface as Explorer.exe, but with the same features as Windows Explorer.exe.

For Mac

For these operating systems, we can find different types of alternative file managers, but they don’t have the same features as Windows, nor are they as diverse. However, we can find some very useful options, such as PathFinder. This tool contains very interesting features, the main ones being the possibility to use stacks and browse tabs, among others.

This file manager It does have some drawbacks related to the fact that it tends to consume a lot of resources, compared to other managers the difference is significant. It is not free, as you have to pay thirty-six US dollars to use it first. However, despite these drawbacks, it is one of the best options for users with macOS systems.

file manager for Android

The Android operating system is one of the best and most used in the world, with many people owning devices with this system. This is due to its performance, the huge variety of applications it offers, its free and its open source.

So many developers can find it a wonderful platform where they can design and deliver applications to consumers who can download and use them at a moment’s notice.

To achieve optimal performance in the team, it is paramount that you can count on a file manager efficiently, which provides us with options to mount, modify, organize, move and rename files and folders in the device storage. Despite the variety of options available in the Playstore, most of them do not meet users’ expectations.

Astro file manager file manager

This Android file manager is basically a tool that gives the possibility to manage any kind of file, but it is generally used to organize images, videos, and music, all on portable devices. Among the files that can be managed are:

  • Backups
  • Networks
  • MBS
  • Content received and sent via Bluetooth.
  • SFTP
  • Downloads
  • Applications
  • Tasks
  • Invoices
  • Attachments

If you’re one of those users who demand a good product, this is a great way to perform digital file management tasks. It’s undoubtedly one of the best alternatives in this field for Android devices.

Astro file manager is an exceptional application for managing files and content on Android devices. This innovative tool gives you the ability to browse and manage all the content stored on your computer in an orderly manner.

It also allows you to manage images, videos, music, and documents, among others. It offers a high quality of service, as the various components already mentioned can be kept in good order.

Key features

This tool is completely free, but it offers a wide range of features that give the user control over the files stored on their Android device. Its main features include:

  1. Allows you to copy and paste content.
  2. Ability to Copy files, Copy files, Copy files, Copy files
  3. Borrar
  4. Copy, move, zip, compress, move files
  5. Make backups
  6. Save files in so-called ZIP containers
  7. Change folders

It also has innovative features that complement this application, making it one of the most useful on the market. The main and most used one is the easy navigation option to mobilize, copy and paste stored content, such as that found on an SD memory card.

It also offers a unique capability, which refers to the ability to use the necessary upgrade to deliver content over Windows, Bluetooth, and SFTP networks. However, we can highlight other noteworthy features such as:

  1. Easy and efficient handling: this feature covers everything related to copying, moving, pasting, renaming, deleting, and backing up, among others.
  2. Networking and sharing. This application is a very useful tool for finding the various files and their contents stored on computers running this operating system. This is thanks to its various functions and features that allow you to organize all the content stored on your device efficiently and without major inconveniences.

Root Explorer file manager

The Root Explorer file manager is one of the best-known applications in the field. Because it has enough features to efficiently find and manage all the content on your device. It also allows the user to locate and manage the most complex files from Android OS computers. Its main features include:

SQLite database management.

  1. It performs its functions in conjunction with a text editor.
  2. It can create and extract different types of compressed files and content, such as tar, zip and gzip.
  3. Extract files using rar-type extensions.
  4. Allows executing sequential search commands.
  5. Manage bookmarks found in the browser.
  6. Allows files to be shared via user email.
  7. It also offers the possibility to share them via Bluetooth.
  8. General file properties can be edited.

Three US dollars are required to download this application. However, this program is one of the most used by people with considerable experience with Android. This is due to the many features and functions it offers.

EX file exploration

This file management application is very easy to use, as it offers basic yet effective features that allow you to organize files and tasks in an optimal way on your device. It has a very intuitive and automated interface, ideal for portable computers.

This program not only offers the possibility to manage all the digital content stored on our device in a simple and efficient way, but it is also possible to set up synchronization between portable devices such as phones, portable computers, FTP, etc. in order to share, download or extract content.

If you want to share files, this application offers a range of options, among which the following stand out: 3G, EDGE, WI-FI. This greatly facilitates this task, thus registering a very simple way to distribute the desired content.

file manager

Many users with Android devices often share stored content such as music, photos, and videos, among others. So many of them roam the market looking for an application that meets the requirements to perform this task quickly and easily and provides a good experience in its development.

It has different features and/or functionalities that make it a good option for managing files stored on your device with the Android operating system. It is also a great alternative if you want to share content easily and quickly. Below we will show you the basic features of the file manager:

Ability to share content via WI-FI using FTP.

WI-FI to share files via Wi-Fi.WI-FI. No USB plug is needed to share these files, as it allows you to perform this task via a simple “Share” button.

It should be noted that if you want to download this application, you will have to pay a fixed amount, but it has a version that is completely free of charge. The latter, however, contains a number of advertisements, but these do not affect the performance of the program at all.

Solid Explorer

This application is one of the most basic and easy to use. It’s perfect for users who don’t have much experience with Android portable devices. However, it is very functional and efficient as it has features that make it an optimal program and a great option when looking for an alternative administrator. Its main features are:

  • It offers the possibility to do advanced work in a simple way.
  • Manage tasks and sort them from the simplest to the most complex.
  • Easy access to the SD memory card in the device.
  • It also offers options to copy, paste, modify, rename, move and delete.
  • Unpack ZIP files.
  • Backups can be made.
  • Send files.
  • Create shortcuts or shortcuts.
  • Allows the user to hide files.

Thus, we can highlight that, despite its basic usage, it has indeed very useful and surprising features that ensure an optimal and satisfying experience for the user when choosing this alternative as a file manager for their portable device.

FX File Explorer

This application can be the ideal replacement for the file manager that Android offers us by default. This is thanks to FX File Explorer’s features, which are very useful. Its main features are the following:

  • The screen can be split into two windows.
  • You can split the two windows into two windows.
  • You can select and move or split files, and you can select and move files or folders. You can select and move files or folders, and you can select and move files.
  • Very easy to use and automated search mechanism.
  • It has an additional text editor.
  • Documents can be edited.

If you want to try this interesting application, you can download it without any major inconvenience, as the download is completely free. It is therefore available to all users.


The file manager is of utmost importance in different operating systems. Since it allows you to keep a structured order in the team’s files, it gives you the possibility to find the content easily and without so many complications. It gives us the ability to share content, upload it to the cloud, or distribute it across different networks with many innovative options. Without a manager, it would not be possible to maintain optimal control over stored content.


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