Leaked screenshot of the iPhone 14 Pro. Surprise!

This year the notch is disappearing from the iPhone, or at least from the Pro version – this is pretty much a foregone conclusion. But what will replace it? There have been many reports on the subject for months – there was talk of a small, round hole along the lines of some Android smartphones, a larger, elongated hole, and even two holes. The latest leak suggests that the latter scenario could be true.

iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max – screen with two holes

A photo allegedly showing the screen of the iPhone 14 Pro has appeared on the network. We can see two holes – a circular one, where the dot projector (part of the Face ID facial recognition system) would be placed, and an oblong one, where the FaceTime camera would be located.

According to the leaker’s information, the photo shows the inner part of the screen – so seen from the outside it would look different: the oblong hole would be placed in the middle of the display, and the round one on the right side.

However, the round hole is not quite supposed to be a… hole – the leak suggests that it will be covered with a thin layer of reflective glass, making it almost invisible to the user (less visible than the camera hidden in a similar fashion in the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3).

Perhaps that’s why recent reports from reliable sources speak only of a single, elongated hole in the screen of the iPhone 14 Pro and 14 Pro Max.

Let me remind you that in addition to the dot projector, the Face ID facial recognition system consists of two additional components – an infrared camera and an infrared illuminator. Apparently, Cupertino engineers managed to hide them under the screen. A proximity sensor and an ambient light sensor are also likely to be placed under the display.

The speaker and microphone already in the iPhone 13 were moved to the top bezel.

The release of the iPhone 14 is expected in September.


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