Keyword Surfer Chrome Extension – The Best Everywhere Alternative [SEO Tool]

Keywords Everywhere was for a long time the top dog among Chrome extensions when it came to getting free SEO information about search volumes of certain keywords.

Keywords Everywhere, was THE free Chrome extension that provided information directly in the Google Chrome browser about the search volumes of certain keywords, the cost per click (CPC), i.e. the amount advertisers would pay for a single click for this keyword in Google Adwords, as well as about the competition of the keyword.

However, Keywords Everywhere had its pricing concept changed some time ago, so it was no longer free.

That’s why they were looking for Keywords Everywhere alternatives. And after testing many such Keywords Everywhere alternatives like Ubersuggest, I found out the best alternative for me.

And that is the Keyword Surfer Chrome Extension* from Surfer SEO.

And why I am so excited about the free Keyword Surfer Chrome Extension, and why it will make your keyword research and analysis easier, I want to show you in this article.

Because maybe this free SEO tool is also something for you?

What is Keyword Everywhere

But first I want to show you briefly what Keywords Everywhere is. In addition to the explanation above, you can watch the following video, in which the Chrome extension Keywords Everywhere is presented in more detail:

What is the Chrome Extension Keyword Surfer?

The SEO tool Keyword Surfer* is also a 100% free Google Chrome extension that you can easily download and install. How to do it exactly is described in the following video:

Once you have installed the Chrome extension, you can use it by typing a search term into the Google search bar.

Keyword Surfer * then performs a free SEO check of the respective Google search results page and you get a lot of relevant SEO information directly in the browser. Among other things, the monthly search volume, other similar keyword suggestions, visibility metrics and related searches for each search query.

And all this directly in the Google search results, without you having to log in to any application.

In addition, the Keyword Surfer * provides you with further key figures and SEO information for each individual search result.

  • Search volume for your main keyword
  • Similar keywords with their volume and similarity value
  • Estimated traffic for a domain from each top ranking page
  • Related search queries with their volumes
  • Word count for the top ranking pages
  • Number of exact keywords used on the top pages
  • Cost per click (CPC) for your main keyword

On this basis you can find the best keywords, determine their difficulty and plan your content for your pages.

For each new search you perform in Google, you will get invaluable data for your content and SEO strategy.

Similar keywords with their volume and similarity value

You will then automatically get the search volume for keywords that are similar to your entered search term through the Keyword Surfer * on the right side. This way you can discover much more valuable keywords related to your keyword.

Now you can make your content easier to find by implementing the most relevant phrases.

Clipboard for keyword research

I personally feel that the easily accessible clipboard is a great feature that allows you to directly save all selected keywords.

With one click you can save any important keyword and then export it as a CSV file if needed and then use and paste it where you need it for your content creation. Of course this is ideal in combination with Surfer SEO.

Traffic and On-Page Data

Keyword Surfer provides, among other things, data about the estimated organic domain traffic, as well as the number of words used and the exact keyword usage for the websites that currently rank in the top 10 of Google search.

For a better overview, a graphical chart is available on the right side of the screen.

Content Editor

Meanwhile, you can also set up the content editor known from the main Surfer SEO tool directly in the SERPs.

This is really great in my opinion.

Because with the free Keyword Surfer you now get important data for the On Page Optimization like word count and relevant phrases that you can use (but without their exact density), displayed directly in the SERP without leaving the search results page.

So you can perform keyword research and get hyper-relevant guidelines to create SEO-optimized content – all in one tool.

What is Surfer SEO?

To achieve the best results, it would be ideal to combine the Keyword Surfer * with the onpage optimization tool Surfer SEO. Because the Keyword Surfer * provides you with exactly the data you need for your onpage optimization.

Surfer SEO is a cloud-based SEO tool that analyzes in a data-driven SEO audit why the pages for your keyword have a good Google ranking.

Based on this SEO check and the information generated from it, you can figure out what you need to do on your pages (On Page SEO Optimization) to create or update content that will help you move up in Google rankings.

Instead of trying to guess what Google likes to rank, this SEO tool thus offers you a data-driven onpage SEO analysis that shows you exactly what is missing on your page or what may be too much.

Surfer SEO helps in two ways:

  • Creation or outsourcing of new, data-driven on page SEO optimized content.
  • data-supported on page SEO optimization of existing web pages

Surfer SEO has a total of 4 SEO tools in one:

  • SERP Analyzer
  • content editor
  • Keyword Research Tool
  • Content Planner

Note that the Surfer SEO tool is originally from Poland and the dashboard etc. is in English. Nevertheless, it works without restrictions for “German” onpage optimization.

Because the databases of Surfer SEO work with different languages and countries, especially also Germany and with “German” keywords etc.

For whom is Surfer SEO suitable?

Surfer SEO is ideal for anyone looking for a data-driven analytics tool with a user-friendly interface and an affordable price starting at just $29 per month.

I love Surfer SEO because it helps me with my daily SEO tasks in a way that no other SEO tool in this price range does.

It has quickly become a central tool in my search engine optimization process that has allowed me to achieve immediate results.

That’s why Surfer SEO is an absolute recommendation especially in combination with the Keyword Surfer * .

That has convinced you? Then click here or on the following button to test Surfer SEO for 7 days without obligation.

Does Keyword Surfer work in Germany or in German?

The answer is short: yes.

The Keyword Surfer * has an underlying data set, with which you can easily perform searches in “German” and then get the corresponding information on the search results page:

You can read through my Surfer SEO experience here and view it here:

Conclusion – Keyword Surfer Chrome Extension

The Keyword Surfer * is in my eyes really great thing and an SEO tool that can not be imagined without.

The best thing about it is also that it performs a free SEO check of the Google SERPs and you get valuable information right there in the search results without needing another application.

Moreover, it is free and thus in my eyes even the much better Keywords Everywhere Altenrative, because it provides much more SEO information.

Meanwhile the Keyword Surfer* is my Chrome Extension of choice when it comes to SEO.


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