iPhone 14 with even longer battery life

The iPhone 13s have really great batteries compared to their predecessors and the competition. But there are many indications that this year’s iPhone 14s will be even better, thanks to smaller, more power-efficient 5G modems.

iPhone 14 with new 5G modem and WiFi 6E

Economic Daily News reports that this year’s iPhone 14 lineup will feature new 5G modems made with 6nm lithography, making the chips quite a bit smaller and also more energy efficient.

They will be manufactured by TSMC and will support WiFi 6E technology, which guarantees much faster data exchange speeds, a more efficient and stable connection, and lower latency (we wrote more about WiFi 6E here).

The iPhone 14 – longer battery life

Perhaps the biggest benefit of the new 5G modems in iPhone 14 is longer battery life.

That’s because first, the space created by the smaller 5G modem will be filled with a larger battery, and second, the new lithography 5G modem will be much less power hungry, draining iPhone 14’s battery more slowly.

As I mentioned in the introduction, the batteries in the iPhone 13s are already really good compared to previous iPhone generations, but also compared to the competition (see the test). If iPhones 14 will work even longer on a single charge, it will be a real revelation and for me the most important news, regardless of what else new will be found in this year’s Apple smartphones.


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