Docapost creates an AI and data center with 400 experts

Known for its digital trust component, Docapost is expanding its range of activities by creating a data and artificial intelligence expertise center. No fewer than 400 experts will support clients in this area.

Docapost is joining forces with Openvalue and Probayes to create a data and artificial intelligence center of expertise with 400 experts in the field. The goal is to become a key player in these sectors in France. This cluster will help the digital subsidiary of La Poste Group to “innovate in digital trust services through the deployment of AI solutions for its customers. In concrete terms, Docapost will pool the expertise of its teams with those of the other two structures to support BtoB (businesses and public sector organizations) and BtoBtoC customers in their AI projects. To this end, the cluster will offer services integrating machine learning, deep learning, natural language recognition and computer vision processes.

This cluster is coordinated by Guillaume Leboucher, founder and CEO of the start-up Openvalue, which will itself be acquired by La Poste in 2021. He has also been a member of Docapost’s executive committee since January 2022. With this appointment, the company wants to show its determination to enter the data and AI market and present an end-to-end service offering. “Thanks to this expertise in ethical and responsible AI, we will be able to offer our customers innovative and sovereign solutions that are consistent with La Poste’s values,” emphasizes Olivier Vallet, CEO of Docaposte.

A flurry of strategic acquisitions

The creation of this division follows a succession of buyouts in the AI field. In 2016, for example, La Poste Group acquired Probayes, a publisher of custom artificial intelligence solutions. Launched in 2003, the company works on the identification of use cases up to the industrialization of solutions in various markets such as automotive, defense, banking and insurance, energy, industry, health and logistics. Probayes also offers training in artificial intelligence.

La Poste is continuing its acquisition strategy and has announced the purchase of Softeam Group by its subsidiary Docaposte in 2019. The digital subsidiary is thus strengthening its presence in the data and AI businesses with a clear objective: to establish itself in the four strategic markets of banking and insurance, e-health, the public sector and SMEs. The acquisition of this ESN is Docapost’s largest acquisition to date. Softeam Group, known for its consulting business in the above-mentioned sectors, offered solutions “combining digital agency, digital factory, data and artificial intelligence,” the company said in a statement. Finally, in April 2021, Openvalue, a data and artificial intelligence consulting firm (founded in 2014) will join La Poste Group. Its CEO, Guillaume Leboucher, will be entrusted with “the strategic positioning and coordination of the data and AI activities of La Poste Group’s digital subsidiary”.

Docaposte currently has more than 40,000 corporate customers – EDF, Groupama, Carrefour – as well as government clients – OFPRA and the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports. The company expects to achieve revenues of €750 million by 2021.


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