At Simplon, the number of IT students continues to rise

The Simplon school of IT solidarity continues its momentum with enrollment up 39% in 2021 compared to the previous year, representing 3,712 learners in training. Since 2013, more than 16,000 people who are far from employment or undergoing retraining have been trained in IT, 43% of whom are women and 55% of whom have completed high school.

Simplon has come a long way since it was founded in Montreuil in 2013, offering free training in digital professions to people who are retraining for a new career or who are far from employment. The network of IT schools has not suffered the effects of the health crisis, quite the contrary. In 2021, 3,712 learners started training in France, an increase of 39% compared to the previous year. Its “digital factories” have also welcomed over the period more than 1076 employees of CIOs and HRDs in the banking, finance and industrial sectors.  This means that 34.4% of the trainees were under 24 years old, 39.9% were women, 6% were seniors (over 45), 8% were people with disabilities and 17% were foreigners. 48% of learners have a high school diploma or less.  In the end, since 2013, 16,000 people have been trained in IT via this network, 43% of whom are women and 55% of whom have completed high school.

“Despite Covid, the acceleration of the digital transformation continues to open up strong opportunities for people looking for work, and that’s good news,” said Frédéric Bardeau, Simplon’s co-founding president, in a statement.  In addition to France, the solidarity school is being deployed in more than 20 countries: Belgium, Burkina Faso, Colombia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Gabon, Jordan, Kenya, Mali, Morocco, Romania, Senegal, South Africa, Spain, Switzerland and Tunisia. This spin-off strategy has enabled us to support the development of IT skills for nearly 2,000 people internationally.

Curricula based on promising technologies

With 127 digital schools/factories throughout France, including in rural and overseas areas, Simplon has the largest Grande École du Numérique network in France and abroad. By targeting people with atypical profiles, the school provides access to the most sought-after digital professions of the moment, in various fields: IT development, data, systems and networks, AI, cybersecurity. In this respect, the signing of partnerships with IT companies, notably Microsoft France, has enabled the network to extend its concept to AI and cloud technologies as well as business applications.

With an already high percentage of women in its classes (39.9%), Simplon continues to develop its missions to attract and train women in technology. To support this dynamic, the organization, which has a budget of €25 million, has surrounded itself with 300 full-time employees, mainly trainers, job placement officers and educational engineers. For the year 2021, it claims a rate of 68.2% of positive employment after six months of training and an average satisfaction of its learners of 7.9/10. 


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