9 best reasons to use Ubuntu Linux

Ubuntu is a Debian-based Linux distribution created in 2004. It is one of the most widely used distributions for various reasons. It is currently developed and funded by Canonical Ltd. which provides constant support and updates for the operating system. A default installation of Ubuntu includes a variety of different software that I’ve already discussed, including LibreOffice, Transmission, Thunderbird and Firefox. If you’re considering switching to Ubuntu but aren’t sure, here are nine reasons to use Ubuntu Linux!

1. Help and support

By far, one of the best things about Ubuntu Linux is the community that surrounds it. Of all the Linux distributions available, it manages to have the best support for its users.

Many will say that the reason Ubuntu has so many support options is because it is the most “well-known” Linux operating system. Well, they are right. Many people talk about Ubuntu on a regular basis, and that’s great for the average user.

The support systems that Ubuntu users have access to are AskUbuntu, the official Ubuntu forums, numerous Reddit communities, IRC channels, as well as dozens of tutorial articles dedicated to the popular Linux operating system.

Having a good support system is reason enough to use Ubuntu, since Linux is less easy to use than something like Microsoft Windows or Apple’s macOS.

2. Software availability

Those coming to Linux from Windows and Mac often say that the platform lacks the software they like. Concerns about software selection are legitimate and something the Linux community continually tries to address and resolve. Yet, while it’s true that there are applications that will probably never make it to the Linux platform, it’s worth noting that of all the Linux-based operating systems, Ubuntu has the widest range of software (both open source and proprietary). available to users outside the box.

3. Easy and simple to use

Ubuntu Linux is described as “Linux for human beings”. This is a real statement! By far, of all the Linux-based operating systems available on the market today, none come close to the ease of use that Ubuntu offers. From installing complicated video drivers to running Netflix and Hulu to setting up a dual-boot system with Microsoft Windows, Ubuntu is the best!

4. Long-term support versions

A common reason why some people choose to avoid Linux is that it seems to be less “stable” than other operating systems. Fears about the stability of the operating system are understandable, but overall, Linux has come a long way, and the days of everything being broken and unusable are over.

If you are afraid of Linux because of the reputation it has of breaking all the time, Ubuntu may be perfect for you, as they have a “long-term support” version. This version of Ubuntu focuses on stability and reliability. LTS versions are the most popular version of Ubuntu and have updates and support for up to 5 years!

5. Proprietary software drivers

Many newcomers to the Linux platform regularly complain about the annoyance of installing non-free drivers. They say it’s cumbersome, confusing and not very user-friendly.

Fortunately, Ubuntu Linux has an answer to this problem: the Ubuntu Driver Installation Tool. With it, users can quickly get their drivers up and running in minutes without any prior knowledge! Suffice to say; if you’re one of those people who hate the way other Linux distributions handle the installation of non-free drivers, this is a great reason to switch to Ubuntu!

6. AAE

Personal package archive (aka PPA) is probably one of the best features of Ubuntu. Essentially, it allows any user to host a software repository and provide regular software updates, bypassing the official Ubuntu update mechanisms in place.

Some might argue that PPAs are not necessary, as Ubuntu offers relatively recent software updates. Nevertheless, if you need the absolute latest programs, it’s good to know that if you upgrade to the Ubuntu operating system, you’ll be able to satisfy that need with a PPA.

7. Clean user interface

When it comes to the desktop, Ubuntu developers know that the Linux platform has some real drawbacks. They know that users need a logical and easy-to-use user interface, just like on Mac and Windows.

The user interface on Ubuntu is built on the popular Gnome Shell. However, it is very different from other Linux distribution setups. Rather than going with the standard Gnome look that can be confusing for new users, it opts for something much more user-friendly and easy to understand.

8. Snap and Flatpaks packages

The future of Linux program development is “universal packaging”, via Snap and Flatpaks packages. The main reason these formats are gaining popularity is simple: developers find it a chore to have to compile their programs for the ever-increasing amount of Linux packaging formats.

When you install the Ubuntu operating system, you’ll find that your computer will have quick access to these exciting new packaging formats, giving you quick access to the latest programs downloaded from the Snap store, as well as many of the available Flatpak software stores.

9. Ubuntu for developers

If you are a programmer, you should use Ubuntu. Why? Out of all the existing Linux distributions, few can match the programmer support that Ubuntu has, thanks to easy access to development tools.

In addition to all the development tools made available by Ubuntu, it should be noted that the operating system is incredibly stable: something that software developers desperately need.


In this list, we’ve talked about nine good reasons to use Ubuntu Linux. I hope the points in this list will help you see that it is a great operating system that is worth your time!

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